Villagers tortured for "not seeing" the rebels Burma Army. Villagers tortured for "not seeing" the rebels Three villagers fr 酒店經紀om Kunhing, southern Shan State were beaten by the Burmese Army on 3 July an 酒店打工d after they denied seeing and knowing the whereabouts of the Shan State Army (SSA) "South 系統傢俱" fighters in the areas, reports Shan Herald correspondent from southern Shan State. By Hseng Khio Fah5 July 2 結婚西裝008A 22 strong patrol from Kholam based Light Infantry Battalion 66 led by Lt Aung Chan Tha detained villagers of Nayang, Wan 居酒屋Phai village tract, while working in their fields and asked about the SSA and whether it was operating in the area. When the villagers 永慶房屋denied seeing the SSA, Lt Aung Chan Tha himself beat Long Hsu,60, Sai Lern Hsai, 18, and Sai Doo, 18, until blood came out of their mouths and their heads 房屋貸款 and faces became swollen. “Those three were in great pain, but dared not complain anything,” a villager told to Shan Herald on condition of anonymity.LIB 66 was based i 室內設計n Namzang and moved to Kho Lam about 4 years ago. It is always patrolling around the neighboring Kunhing areas, according to SHAN sources. Since the May 10 referendum was held, clashes b 開幕活動etween SSA and Burma Army have increased and several abuses like sexual violence, forced labor and forced portering have been occurring. For more details, please contact Tel- 0801260064 Shan State Army. 租屋  .
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